Security And ADA Remodeling

Security Remodeling
In this world of increasing crime, many people opt to remodel their homes for increased security. Beside the obvious - installing an alarm system - there are many things homeowners can do to remodel for increased security and safety.

Security remodeling projects include replacing existing doors with security of fire doors, moving windows to a minimum of 18 inches from entryways, installing quality lock sets, installing exterior security lighting, and building a large dog house.

The cost of security remodeling varies. However, it may be an investment, as some homeowner insurance policies offer discounts for security remodeling. Check with your agent.

ADA Remodeling
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) increased the public's awareness of the number of peole in this nation with disabilities. While the act doesn't affect private residences, it does make sense to consider "universal design" when remodeling your home.

Universal design simply means designing your home for access and use by anyone - short, tall, narrow, wide, or wheeled. Most of it is simply common sense. Minimize or eliminate steps and uneven floors where possible. Make kitchen countertops of multipe heights. Make doorways wider. install curbless showers. You get the picture.