Different Between Home Remodeling, Renovation, And Repair

Before you can begin to make your home remodeling plan, you should the difference between remodeling, renovation, repair and maintenance before you decide which one is right for your needs. So, let's get out our dictionary and consider the terms of home remodeling.

Home remodeling is the functional restoration of one or more housing systems. When built, the systems were modeled, therefore changing them is remodeling. The systems include structural(walls, floors, ceilings); plumbing; electrical; heating/cooling; etc. Remodeling changes or improves your home's functions. Remodeling modernizes both the function and appearance of the home.

Renovation is slightly different. Renovation is the historical restoration of one or more housing systems. For example, a renovation of a kitchen returns it to the look, but maybe not the function, that the house had when new. Renovation restores. It may use modern plumbing and electrical components, but they will probably look like those available at the home's initial construction.

Repair is the functional restoration of a component within the home. For example, repairing a sink is neither a remodel nor a renovation. A repair simply makes the sink functions as it did when new. A repair renews the function of the component, in this case the sink.

Maintenance is the preventive replacement of components within a home. Maintenance preserves the functions of a component by replacing parts before they wear out. For example, maintenance to a floor means treating it with a wax or finish to minimize wear. It certainly isn't remodeling, renovation, or even repair. It is simply maintenance.