Removing The Old Roof

If you decide to install a new roof, removing the old roof will be one of your first priorities. This, obviously, is a big job. Before you begin ripping off the old roof, there are a few factors to consider.

What will you do if it rains before you get the new roof on? Well, this is a problem, even for professionals. One way to limit the effects of rain is with tarpaulins. Many professionals will work the roof in sections. They will remove and rebuild sections of the roof, rather than stripping off the whole roof and trying to replace it before rain comes. At night, the pros often cover the unprotected roof sections with waterproof tarps.

Safety Bracing
Safety bracing should be installed before the old roof covering is removed. A simple way to accomplish this is by nailing two-by-fours horizontally, across the rafters or trusses. Ideally, you should run this bracing across the rafters or trusses at the bottom, center, and near the top. This ties the roof members together to provide strength when the roof sheathing is removed. The bracing should extend from on end of the roof to the other and on both sides of the attic. Without this bracing, the roof members may have little to no support once the roof sheathing is removed.